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Prevent marketing fails; effective communication is KEY.

Marketers have a tough role-- create an effective, respectful, ethical, and entertaining campaign... that sells products. Easy enough, right. Not always.

Lots of companies have had total blunders when it came to proper marketing methods. Remember the following when you begin to communicate your message:

  • Keep it short and sweet. Practice a timed 30 second and 1 minute pitch. If you can't describe what you do in 1 minute, you can loose your audience to competition and lack of patience

  • Identify a statement that helps people remember why you're more important than another vendor (Taglines) McDonald's-I'm Lovin It; Subway-Eat Fresh; Nike- Just Do It. Stick with this message and use it across all channels; online, print, blog, vlog merch, direct mail, etc. Consistency and volume of engagement can make or break your sales. Interact with tact.

  • Consider what could prevent the customer from buying your product and try to find a solution for that issue(temporarily lower costs, show customer appreciation, run specials on popular products, offer a referral program, sell online or in sister stores, offer pop-up shops, partner with charities who offer products to obtain referrals, or giveaway items for good publicity)

Some fails are just necessary for growth, but other fails can be prevented if another set of eyes or brain power are present to help you be the best biz owner you can be. If marketing is not your strong suit, consider hiring a pro. Help is only a call or click away these days...

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