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Build trust FIRST.

We talked last week about social media and the buzz that it gets on the daily, but there are still simple ways to market your business that people overlook.

One of the ways that I have found spreading the word about your business or organization, is donating services or products regularly. Yes…as in more than once.

A statistic from states that approximately 63 million Americans -25% of the adult population- volunteer their time, talents, and energy to making a difference. We all want to make money, but this is a way to share your product with the community that builds trust FIRST and makes money SECOND, promoting selflessness and compassion at the same time.

Here are some ideas: Don’t say I never gave ya anything, business owners. I normally charge for this info - among other things :)

  • Clothing designers- give away a garment to a child or adult in need monthly

  • Chefs-donate cupcakes to a nonprofit community event

  • Barbers-cut hair for orphanages once a month

  • Accountants-give away 2 hours of tax counseling for a startup business

  • Financial advisors-donate your counseling services for one day to a church group of seniors

  • DJ’s-donate or heavily discount your services for a wedding or nonprofit event

So whatever you choose to do, do your good deed and share it with your audience so they can have confidence in your mantra and try you out. Good deeds go a long way and people remember your kindness, which feels better than just making money. Thoughtful and grateful business owners are more likely to get my hard-earned dollars than those out here just working for a buck to get ahead.

You might really be surprised how you can giving a little can get you a lot.

Follow me for more antics on IG at bbactress85 and veggiestastegood

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